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$99 | 90 minutes

Our Signature Massage followed by a Quick Cleanse is the perfect transformation to discovering an inner peace and bringing out beauty from within. Discover Complete Nirvana with this perfectly paired duo!*

*Package services must be received on the same day.

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$99 | 90 minutes

Experience stress-free beauty with our Signature Facial to cleanse and renew followed by our healing Signature Reflexology. You will leave feeling completely restored and refreshed from the outside in!*

*Package services must be received on the same day.



$169 | 150 minutes

Our most luxurious duo. Embark on a journey within and indulge in the renewal of our Advanced Facial and Jade Stone Massage. Experience the healing benefits from the use of Jade Stone incorporated in each personalized treatment.*

*Package services must be received on the same day.


Tranquil Mama Package

$109 | 90 minutes

Discover well-deserved relaxation with a package designed to relieve and revitalize the expectant Mother from head-to-toe! Drift into rejuvenation during a 60-minute Prenatal Massage while symptoms of joint, neck and back pain, leg cramping, sciatica, and insomnia become alleviated. In addition to inducing much-needed tranquility, Prenatal Massage may reduce swelling in hands and feet, deliver nutrients to the baby, improve circulation, and relieve headaches and sinus congestion. Bring back vitality to the skin with a 30-minute Facial designed to boost radiance and soothe hormonal breakouts that can arise during pregnancy. A double cleanse is followed by lymphatic facial massage to flush fluid accumulation and reduce puffiness. Our gentle, yet effective exfoliation will work to dissolve dead skin cells, revealing a more toned and radiant complexion. Mama-To-Be will feel refreshed and glowing from the outside in!*

*Must be beyond your first trimester--at 13 weeks. Recommend unscented massage oils and creams, as certain essential oils should be avoided while pregnant. Contraindications may include and are not limited to the following: deep vein thrombosis, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, at-risk pregnancy, and gestational diabetes. 


Make facials and body services a regular part of your wellness routine — save by purchasing a series of treatments together.

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