Men's Services

At Jalan, we believe that skincare is for everyone. Facials are a detoxifying way to restore and promote balance as part of a regular, modern skincare routine. From our $35 Quick Cleanse to our muscle-toning Men's Bourbon Facial and restorative body services, we seek to offer deeply relaxing experiences to promote overall wellness. 

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Men’s Urban Facial

$69 | 60 minutes

Relax with bourbon and improve muscle tone in a whole new way with a treatment tailored to men! Packed with antioxidants from the oak casks in which it matures, a Smoked Bourbon enzyme mask will deliver age fighting nutrients as it works to release build up within hair follicles while softening skin texture. Followed by a muscle-toning face massage, enjoy the benefits of our high frequency treatment as it shrinks enlarged pores, reduces signs of aging, and combats breakouts

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Advanced Massage

$79 | 60 min. $99 | 75 min. $119 | 90 min.

A therapeutic deep tissue massage focusing on releasing chronic muscle tension through the use of elbows, forearms, and knuckles. Deep tissue massage can be beneficial for those experiencing low back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders, limited mobility, and repetitive strain.

While the movement is slow and the pressure is firm, it is important to breathe deeply during this Advanced Massage to encourage the release of tension, restore movement, and create balance and symmetry in the body.

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Quick Cleanse Facial

$35 | 30 minutes

Perfect for when time is of the essence. This quick facial will rejuvenate the skin and leave you feeling renewed. Includes a double cleanse and nourishing face massage followed by a customized mask.

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Jalan for Men

Whether its your first time to any spa, or just to ours, we've put together a helpful FAQs section to help you navigate your next visit to Jalan to make the most of your experience.

Jump Right Into the Journey

Whether you’ve been here before for a different service, or are brand-new* to Jalan altogether, we need to learn a little more about you to make the most of your first-time facial or body service at Jalan. You can streamline your next visit by downloading and filling out an intake form at the links below and bringing it with you to your appointment.

First Time Guest Form | Facial Intake Form | Massage Intake Form | Reflexology Intake Form

*Brand-new guests should fill out both a First-Time Guest Form and an Intake Form for the service being received.