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Signature Massage

$69 | 60 min. $89 | 75 min. $109 | 90 min.

Combines Swedish technique and Eastern influences to achieve a relaxing full-body massage with long flowing strokes. Focuses on releasing tightness and tension, while increasing blood flow and flushing out toxins.

Our aim is to relax the mind and body, while providing a tranquil sense of well-being.

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Advanced Massage

$79 | 60 min. $99 | 75 min. $119 | 90 min.

A therapeutic deep tissue massage focusing on releasing chronic muscle tension through the use of elbows, forearms, and knuckles. Deep tissue massage can be beneficial for those experiencing low back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders, limited mobility, and repetitive strain.

While the movement is slow and the pressure is firm, it is important to breathe deeply during this Advanced Massage to encourage the release of tension, restore movement, and create balance and symmetry in the body.

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Jade Stone Massage

$79 | 60 min. $99 | 75 min. $119 | 90 min.

The healing properties of jade stone facilitate the flow of energy, improve blood and lymph circulation, and encourage a more relaxed state of being. Our skilled massage therapist will target specific areas of the body with two uniquely shaped jade stones, along with heated lava shells containing natural minerals of magnesium and iron, Black Lava, and absorptive powders of dried kelp and sea algae for a deeply relaxing and tranquil massage.

This is a fully customized Eastern massage, unlike traditional Hot Stone Massage.


Aromatherapy Couples Journey

$149* | 60 min. $189* | 90 min.

Embark on a journey of intimacy and connection through our deeply relaxing aromatherapy couples massage. Together you will choose from our essential oil blends and take home the custom-made massage oil as a memento of your journey experienced together.

Our Aromatherapy Couples Journey is a great way to spend quality time with your friend or loved one.

* Total price for two.


Signature Reflexology

$39 | 30 minutes

This ancient therapeutic method of stimulating reflex points on the feet corresponding to specific organs and areas of the body promotes healing and balances energy. With intense stimulation of reflex points, any sensitivity experienced may indicate bodily weaknesses or imbalances within the corresponding organ. Our Signature Reflexology is effective for promoting good health, balancing energy, and boosting the immune system through repeated stimulation of blood flow, nutrients, and nerve impulses.

Not recommended prior to first trimester of pregnancy.
Consult your practitioner - doctor’s note required.

Note: Loose-fitted pants or shorts recommended for this service.


Advanced Reflexology

$69 | 60 minutes

Relax with our guided meditation while experiencing intense stimulation of reflex points on the feet. This more in-depth foot reflexology will begin with a soothing paraffin treatment to soften the skin, soothe chronic joint pain, and relax stiff muscles. The therapist will then concentrate on reflex points by kneading the ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel, and pushing deep into the arch to manipulate nerve endings and help clear any channels of blocked energy. Improve your overall health and balance energy with our Advanced Reflexology.

Not recommended prior to first trimester of pregnancy.
Consult your practitioner - doctor’s note required.

Note: Loose-fitted pants or shorts recommended for this service.


Prenatal Massage

$79 | 60 minutes

Prenatal massage focusing on the special needs of the Mother-To-Be enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves blood and lymph circulation, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Bolsters and pillows are used to aid in easing discomfort and alleviating stress experienced during pregnancy, such as back aches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema (swelling), anxiety, and depression. Prenatal massage is a healthy and beneficial way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness for both the Mother-To-Be and baby.

*Must be beyond your first trimester-- at 13 weeks. We recommend unscented massage oils and creams, as certain essential oils should be avoided while pregnant.


Seasonal Body Treatment

Prices may vary* $69-89 | 60 minutes

Visit our Current Specials + Promotions page to learn more about our latest Seasonal Body Treatment.

Bring out your best skin any time of the year with the powers of our rotating plant-based body treatments. Begin with a lymphatic exfoliation to stimulate blood flow, and relax into bliss as smoother, softer skin is revealed. During warmer months, escape the sun’s rays and restore balance with cooling, calming botanicals carefully chosen to promote natural radiance and protect the skin from UV rays. This nutrient-rich body wrap also includes a refreshing eye and heal treatment. Let us bring vitality back to the skin during cooler months with our ultra-hydrating and renewing body scrub. Fruit and nut enzymes will provide a gentle yet powerful exfoliation to polish away dry, dull, weathered skin.


Mile High CBD Wrap

$109 | 60 minutes

A therapeutic wrap infused with a touch of Colorado! We start with a healing lemongrass compress and stimulating ginger exfoliation to cleanse, buff, and renew the skin. Fatigued muscles will be soothed and restored with a relaxing full body application of locally sourced, potent CBD oil. As the hemp-derived CBD works to reduce inflammation and chronic pain, the oil’s infusion of calendula, chamomile, Vitamin E, and jojoba will calm and heal the skin. After applying a deeply moisturizing and anti-inflammatory turmeric and hemp emollient, the body will be wrapped while lymph drainage and acupressure massage is provided. This Mile High body wrap is finished with a final application of moisture-rich CBD oil and our signature aloe and arnica serum to relieve water retention. All products used have been curated to reduce inflammation and pain while providing ultimate relaxation.

*Mile High CBD Wrap is 100% THC-free and provides approximately 150 mg of CBD per ounce of oil. The average massage uses about 1 ounce of oil per guest.

All products used have been curated to reduce inflammation and pain while providing ultimate relaxation.

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Thermal Muscle Melt Massage

$89 | 60 minutes

Innovative, therapeutic relaxation at an affordable price! This unique treatment begins with a consultation and calming, aromatic inhalations to prepare the mind and body for bliss. Our state of the art infrared heat device produces energy that effectively delivers deep heat to provide instant tension relief and muscle relaxation. Inflammation will be soothed as long, rhythmic strokes are applied using our heat device and traditional hands-on massage techniques. Achy areas of tightness and tension will melt away with a ginger, chili, and turmeric warming muscle balm. This treatment is an excellent source of alternative therapy for those with chronic pain and is beneficial for active individuals.

*Contraindications may apply.

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Express Massage

$49 | 25 minutes

Do you need to get over that midday slump?

Take 25 minutes from your busy day to hit the reset button with our stress-reducing, customizable express massage. We will give you the results and relaxation you’re looking for by focusing this session entirely on what you need.

If it’s your neck and shoulders that bother you the most, we will focus on relieving tension in those areas. If your back or lower body is causing you discomfort throughout the day, our skilled massage therapists will ensure you leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the rest of the day.

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Stretch & Mobility

$49 | 25 minutes

Are you looking to enhance your flexibility and range of motion?

Whether you work at a desk all day, or are seeking sports enhancement, this rejuvenating guided stretch session might be exactly what you need. Through a series of assisted stretches on your upper and lower body, our expert massage therapists will work to encourage muscle relaxation, release tension, and improve blood circulation surrounding your joints.

With our guided breathing techniques, you will get a deeper stretch while experiencing a relaxed state of mind.

*Please wear athletic or leisure attire, i.e. leggings or sweatpants, for the best results from your guided stretch session.

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Cranial Tension Release

$49 | 25 minutes

Do you suffer from tension related headaches or have difficulty sleeping?

This relaxing treatment will focus on specific trigger points to release pressure and ease the discomfort often associated with migraines, tension headaches, and nighttime restlessness. We’ll begin with a warming foot wrap to draw circulation away from your head, guiding you into a state of bliss.

Our calming and stress-relieving aromatherapy blend of peppermint and eucalyptus will accompany a head, neck and scalp massage. Your massage therapist will conclude this peaceful treatment by gently releasing tightness in your neck as the relaxing powers of lavender bring you tranquility and ease your mind.

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Service Add-Ons

Take your service to another level of care & results with Service Add-Ons.

These upgrades can be added to your service without adding time.
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ADA Accessibility

It’s our mission to make facial & body services accessible to all at Jalan Facial Spa.

We have 6 massage rooms, 2 upstairs accessible via our front entrance with a ramp & 4 downstairs.

Upon booking your appointment please use the Notes section before completing your booking to let us know if you have mobility concerns so we can make arrangements to accommodate you.

Getting the most from your visit

In order to provide the best service we’ll need to learn a little more about you.

First time guests should plan to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to fill out our electronic intake form and enjoy the full experience and complimentary amenities for your Jalan Journey.

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