Get the most out of your treatment by arriving 30 minutes early to experience our complimentary signature Journey. 

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Custom-Blended Lemongrass Tea

Enjoy a warm welcome with our custom-blended lemongrass tea as you settle in and peruse our selection of teas, candles, jewelry, and natural skincare products.

Plan five minutes to arrive and begin to unwind.

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Foot Soak

A time-honored Asian tradition to start the relaxation process with an effervescent footbath to soothe your feet.

After your tea, we'll invite you to enjoy a 3-7 minute soak.

Meditation Garden & Zen Lounge

Unwind in the serenity of our Meditation Garden upstairs or Zen Lounge downstairs. Relax amidst Asian and nature-inspired scenery.

Feel free to relax here before and after your treatment.



Breathe deeply and enjoy this traditional method of releasing tension and clearing the mind ahead of your treatment.

You will begin and end your treatment with aromatherapy.