Jalan Facial Spa is Denver's first Certifiably Green Spa!

Our in-house green team works with the City of Denver on certified practices like water and energy conservation, reusable materials and more to ensure that the operation of our spa reduces our footprint on the Earth we cherish. 



Jalan's Green Team is dedicated to ensuring green practices throughout the spa, including:

  • Water Conservation: reducing our laundry by only providing robes to guests with multiple appointments

  • Recycling: We don't use plastic for our tea and drinking cups, and recycle non-compostable containers

  • Energy Conservation: turning off and unplugging unused lights and devices, and use of LED and CFL lightbulbs

  • Reduction of Chemicals: Using all-natural cleaning supplies

  • Local and Sustainable: We strive to fill our retail corner with earth-friendly, plant-based skincare products and work from local makers/artisans with sustainable materials and practices

In addition to being Certifiably Green, Jalan has partnered with Scraps Mile High, a bicycle-powered compost pickup service that collects our biodegradable, organic waste to keep it out of the landfill and turn it into soil without adding the greenhouse emissions of traditional, truck-powered services.

We currently compost the following organic waste materials generated at the spa:

  • Paper towels

  • Esthetic wipes

  • Cotton rounds

  • Tea bags & food scraps

  • Wooden product application sticks

  • Mouthwash cups

In 2018, Scraps has helped Jalan divert 391 pounds of compost from landfills, and keep .14 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere!