Facials & Body Services 

Quick Cleanse Facial   

30 minutes |  $35

Perfect for when time is of the essence. This quick facial will rejuvenate the skin and leave you feeling renewed. Includes both exfoliation and a nourishing massage followed by a customized mask.

*Does not include extractions

Signature Facial

 60 minutes | $69

This classic facial is tailored to each client’s needs. Includes deep pore cleansing, extractions, massage, and mask. Products used during this treatment are chosen after a careful skin analysis performed by one of our skilled estheticians.

Advanced Facial

 75 minutes | $89

The Advanced Facial includes a deeper exfoliation and Jalan’s signature Jade Stone Massage. Jade is known to have detoxifying and grounding properties. Benefits of Jade Stone include an increase in blood flow – helping to improve skin tone and promote anti-aging. Choose between a clarifying, rejuvenating, soothing, or moisturizing treatment.

Ultimate Rose Quartz Facial 

90 minutes | $109

A luxurious customized facial that includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions followed by a healing face massage. Our face massage may include acupressure, lymph drainage and healing rose quartz. This indulgent facial also involves an eye treatment and a clarifying or anti-aging high frequency treatment.

*Contraindications may apply.



Signature Massage  

60 minutes | $69   75 minutes | $89   90 minutes |  $109

A relaxing full-body massage that combines Swedish technique and Eastern influences. Focuses on releasing tightness and tension to relax the mind and body and provide a sense of well-being.

Advanced Massage  

60 minutes | $79   75 minutes | $99   90 minutes | $119

A therapeutic full-body massage focusing on releasing chronic muscle tension. This deeper and firmer massage will address problematic areas with Eastern techniques to reduce stress and pain.

Jade Stone Massage

60 minutes | $79   75 minutes | $99   90 minutes | $119

Fully customized to each guest’s needs, this full-body massage uses Jade Stone on specific areas of the body to improve blood and lymph circulation while calming the mind and relaxing the body.

Signature  Reflexology

30 minutes | $35

This ancient therapeutic method of stimulating pressure points on the feet promotes healing and relieves stress. Reflexology is effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness.

Advanced Foot Reflexology 

60 minutes | $69

More in-depth Reflexology to address problematic areas in a non-invasive manner. Helps increase nerve supply adding longevity to one’s life.