February 2019

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Better together. Book with a friend!

Buy One Get One 25% off FACIAL service of equal or lesser value for you & a friend when you come in together.

Call & mention or book online using “BTJalan0219

Last appointment time for offer is 7:15pm. Not valid on our February couples specials. Excludes President’s Day.

Offer ends 2/28.

Yin & Yang Facials

$159 for Two | 60 minutes

Enhance the love in your life by indulging in chocolate-infused relaxation for two! Together you will choose between our Yin Chocolate Rose Facial created with women in mind, or our Yang Chocolate Mint Facial crafted for men. Enjoy our signature journey side by side, followed by a moment apart for separate facial treatments. After your facials, you both will rejoin to conclude your journey together with a specialty beverage and treat.

Customized couples packages during the month of February will include two specialty beverages and treats.

Our Yin & Yang Facials can also be booked individually!

Yang Chocolate Mint Facial

$79 | 60 minutes

Relaxation and chocolate get even better during the month of February with our Yang Chocolate Mint Facial! This antioxidant-rich treatment has been specifically tailored to men to slow down the signs of aging and promote a more hydrated, nourished appearance. This chocolate infused facial will exfoliate dead skin cells, while kaolin clay works to combat acne, refine pores, and reduce excess sebum. The nutrients delivered from the strawberry and spearmint treatment mask will help lighten scarring and diminish breakout causing bacteria to promote a more healthy, clear complexion. This facial concludes with a specialty beverage and treat.

Yin Chocolate Rose Facial

$79 | 60 minutes

Enhance the love in your life - indulge in the ultimate treat with our Yin Chocolate Rose Facial. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, chocolate and rose combined will help improve blood flow, protect against UV damage, and fight against wrinkles. This facial also includes a healing Rose Quartz face massage to reduce puffiness and promote the renewal of skin cells. Achieve a healthy glow - your skin will love you for this! This facial concludes with a specialty beverage and treat.


Aromatherapy Couple’s Journey

$159 for Two | 60 minutes

Embark on a journey of intimacy and connection through our deeply relaxing aromatherapy couples massage. Together you will choose from our essential oil blends and take home the custom-made massage oil as a memento of your journey experienced together. Our Aromatherapy Couples Journey is a great way to spend quality time with your friend or loved one. During the month of February, this couples package is concluded with a specialty beverage and treat for two.

Customized couples packages during the month of February will include two specialty beverages and treats.

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Thermal Muscle Melt Massage

$89 | 60 minutes

Innovative, therapeutic relaxation at an affordable price! This unique treatment begins with a consultation and calming, aromatic inhalations to prepare the mind and body for bliss. Our state of the art infrared heat device produces energy that effectively delivers deep heat to provide instant tension relief and muscle relaxation. Inflammation will be soothed as long, rhythmic strokes are applied using our heat device and traditional hands-on massage techniques. Achy areas of tightness and tension will melt away with a ginger, chili, and turmeric warming muscle balm. This treatment is an excellent source of alternative therapy for those with chronic pain and is beneficial for active individuals.

*Contraindications may apply.